Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sener Akturk's op-ed on German immigration law appears in TARAF.

My op-ed titled Alman Göç Yasasında Türklere Ayrımcılık Var (The German Immigration Law is discriminatory against the Turks) appeared in the new Turkish newspaper TARAF in December 5, 2007. I argue that the amendments regarding immigration through family reunification in Germany amount to a thinly veiled and state orchestrated discrimination against the Turks. The purpose is to finally stop once and for all any further immigration from Turkey through the back door... Note that the new amendments do not affect European countries, U.S., Canada, Japan, or any other country whose citizens are not subject to a visa regime in their entries to Germany. You can keep up with this and all similar publications of mine by following my regularly updated professional website at